Immediately following installation the TennisRules app will attempt to load a PDF Rules file from the ITF. A spinning activity indicator will appear typically for a few seconds (see Specification below) indicating that downloading is taking place. In the event that no internet is available because no 3G/2G or Wifi networks are available or the iPhone is in Airplane mode the following Alert will appear.


If the Alert appears press the iPhone Home button to quit the application. Then ensure that the iPhone is not in Airplane mode (look in Settings). If there are no networks, cell or wifi, then wait until in range. When in range (as shown by Status bar showing 3G, E or the Wifi symbol) touch the TennisRules icon again to relaunch. Once loaded the ITF Rules file is saved permanently on the iPhone so the app is usable when out of internet range.




Runs on 3G iPhone™ or iPod touch™. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Typical RuleBook Download Times;

10MBit/sec Wifi 2secs, 3G Network 5secs and 2G Network 120secs



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Once the Rules file has been loaded the SelectRule screen alongside will appear presenting the user with a selection roller. Roll the rule topics with your finger and when positioned under the selection bar touch ViewRule to display the rule of your choice.


Your selected rule appears. A NextPage button will appear if the rule occupies more than one page. Touch SelectRule to return to the SelectRules screen.Mute can be touched at any time to turn off sound. Touch Muted to turn sound back on.