The default view is a standard calculator with enlarged keys for 0, + and = to aid data entry. There are three navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen; List, Send and Clear.

Touch List and the calculation history list flips into view.

In this List view the user can scroll vertically with a single finger gesture.

Once in the List view touching Calc returns to the calculator (Calc) view.

Touching Clear in Calc or List views will generate a prompt confirming that the user wishes to clear the List view. The user may cancel this operation or continue. Following a confirmed Clear operation the List view will be cleared except for the title and current date and time. This timestamp is also embedded in the filename of the List file attached when sending via email.

Touching Send in Calc or List views will flip the view to the embedded email service. Touching the To: bar brings up an on-screen keyboard to allow the user to enter one or more addressees.

The keyboard is linked to the user's contact list and often only a single key touch is required to provide a short list of relevant addressees. Touch a specific address to select as the main recipient.

Touching Send at the top of the screen will send the email with the Calculist file attached.



Runs on 3G iPhone™ or iPod touch™. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


16 digit display with 8 decimal places


Internally saved as ASCII text file, sent via email as attached file with following filename format:

CList-MMMDDYY-hhmmss.txt where MMM is abbreviated month, DD is day of month, YY is year, hh is hour in 24, mm is minutes and ss is seconds, for example CList-Aug1909-120102.txt.

File can be read on a PC using Notepad and Mac using TextEdit or a typical wordprocessor. File can be imported into spreadsheet typically specifying space as delimiter.




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